If you have not yet seen Wally’s Instagram page, you should go have a look straight away! The handle is wally_and_molly. This adorable Angora bunny really has the coolest hairstyles and poses. With over 208k followers, he is a star already!


Wally was born in July 2014, which makes him a cancer, and currently lives in Massachusetts with his owner, Molly. Apparently Wally loves to travel and even has his own passport, with photo and all. While his owner reminds him that he’s only been to two states in America, he is already looking for flights to Japan. The two are working on a plan to save money so that Wally can see Tokyo. We cannot wait for those pics!



Wally wears the cutest outfits; and he has some serious fashion game. To a recent Pumpkin Patch Bash he wore a denim cape with a big “W” sewn on the back. He also has a pink cape that he wore for his first birthday earlier this year! This cape also has a green “W” on the back and Wally was feeling creative, so he tucked some grass into it. It was genius.

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Wally’s hair  is the coolest in town and we think it requires it's own name. Will your bunny be requesting the 'Wally'? Sometimes he leaves it natural when he doesn’t have the time to make an effort. Wally has rocked rainbow hair as well as cute accessories like bows and hats. He even rocked green ears at one stage!

blog_yummypets_wally_bunny_1_09_2015 blog_yummypets_wally_bunny_5_09_2015


The adorable Angora has many fans; one fan even made a picture of Wally on the Eiffel Tower. She wrote to Molly and said: “Forget Where’s Waldo! How about Where’s Wally?” We think this is a great idea! He has had many pictures drawn of him and paintings painted and that have been posted on Instagram. There is even a fan who has dedicated her manicure to him, with his face and name pasted all over her nails.


Along with the many pictures on his account, he has videos as well. He can show you exactly how you should be eating a carrot and how to do the perfect jump. Bunnies take note! Wally is here!

Source: Buzzfeed

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