Your kitty-cat likes to fall asleep in the oddest of places, be it on your bed, the sofa or even the sink... but it is still however necessary that they have their own special spot for them only.

A cat sleeps between 14 and 16 hours a day, so their place of sleep is therefore of the utmost importance. The choice of cat bed should take into consideration several criteria and none should be neglected.

Types of cat beds

Square, round, oval, rectangular, domed, tented or even igloo-shaped... there are a huge number of cat bed structures, but your cat will be most likely to feel comfortable in a soft bed. The principal aim is to offer your cat the impression of safety and security. It is also recommended to choose a machine-washable bed because keeping it clean will be easier.

Be careful: cat beds are the favourite spots of fleas. To get rid of fleas and their eggs, you need to wash your cat bed at over 50°C.

Open or closed bed?

In a well-heated interior environment it is not useful to buy a bed in which your cat will feel confined - an open bed is sufficient.

If your house becomes cooler in the winter months, you can choose a semi-closed bed that they can keep warm in as necessary.

If your cat is alone a lot of the time, an open bed it ideal as they will want to search out your company. However, if there is a lot of noise and bustle in the house it is recommended to offer your cat a closed bed so that they can rest without being bothered. 

The size of the bed

 It is important to adapt the size of the bed to your cat.

Don't a bed that is too small for your cat even if they don't need a lot of space because a too-small bed can be uncomfortable.

A cat can be demanding and if they don't like their bed they won't hesitate to shun it.

Putting the bed in the right place

A cat's bed is like an observatoire for them, not just a place to sleep, because they like being on top of their environment. You should place the bed away from air currents, in a warm spot and preferably high up (or a place that is strategically safe).

The best spot is out of the way of frequent to-ing and fro-ing but in a place where your cat can spy on all the members of the family.

Alternatives to a bed

A cushion or thick blanket can also be used, and can be easily washed in a washing machine. You can place these in a wicker basket as cats love them for the scratch-able material. Cardboard boxes are also much loved by cats.

In all these cases, you can make your imagination run wild while choosing a comfy bed for your cat.

Which bed did you choose for your cat?

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