From running on the beach to eating at McDonald’s – these two sheepdog sisters have done it all!

Owners Cees Bol and Hannake van de Watering have been capturing their dogs’ happiest moments, and these photos have stolen hearts all over the Internet.

Not camera shy

These two Old English Sheepdogs are anything but camera-shy, but sometimes younger sister Sarah needs a bribe in the form of a cookie.Sophie, however, is always ready to pose!

sheepdog red flowers

Sisters and best buds

Sophie and Sarah are best friends, and do everything together – playing, eating and going for walks, just like twins!

Mr Bol, 48, said: 'It's almost impossible to separate the two dogs. They are really stuck on each other, they're such close friends - where Sophie is, Sarah is, and vice versa.”

They even have their birthday together! Once a year for Sophie’s birthday the whole family goes to McDonald’s to order french fries and burgers. So cute!

sheepdog beach

A love story

Their love for dogs actually brought Cees and Hanneke together.

'Hannake and I actually met because of the dogs, I had one Old English Sheepdog and she had two. I needed someone to look after mine for a week and Hannake agreed. After that we went on a date and became a couple.'

An all-round feel good story!

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    Moira M So beautiful.