A lot of work and love goes into rescuing a dog, and that’s why these stories are so incredibly touching.

1. Pit Bull kisses rescuer after train accident

This beautiful Pit Bull was struck by a train, and lost one of her legs and her tail. When officer Kevin McMullen discovered her, he thought that she hadn’t survived the accident. But a miracle happened – when he picked her up she mustered all her strength to give him many gentle kisses!

Needless to say, Molly the Pittie now calls Officer McMullen dad. What a lovely story!

officier de police bisou chien pitbull

2. Puppy abandoned at shelter in sub-zero temperatures finds loving home

Vespa was dropped off at a local shelter in the freezing cold one morning, and she was left to wait in sub-zero temperatures. Her owners were so eager to get rid of her that they couldn’t even wait an extra hour for the shelter to open.

Luckily one employee arrived earlier that day and heard her cries. Now Vespa has found a family: a big puppy brother and two parents to love her the way she deserves.

couple adoption deux chiens refuge

3. Officer falls in love with rescue puppy

Officer Montgomery was called to this local animal welfare society to assist with one of their ex-employees, but he got so much more than he bargained for.

He fell in love with one of the puppies at the shelter who had been abandoned in a box with her siblings. Montgomery decided to call the pup “Kylo” to help him get along with their other dog, “Vader”. And it worked!

policier chiot câlin

4. Senior dog gets left behind by owners, finds care she deserves

Cookie was left behind by her family who didn’t want to take care of her in her elderly state.

This poor dog was battling cancer and other health concerns at the time. Luckily she is finally stable, and in a permanent foster home to live out her days in peace.

cocker vieux chien

5. Lost Pit Bull asks police to help find her owners

This Pit Bull got loose from her owners and instead of panicking about finding them again, she jumped into a police officer’s car and had him assist her! This officer took it in his stride and was able to find the pup’s rightful owner. Go officer!

pitbull policier voiture

Photo sources : BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook / @princess_vespa_the_pitty/Instagram / Panhandle Animal Welfare Society/Facebook / Star-Telegram / Jacksonville Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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