This story is proof that animals form lasting friendships just as we do. Mr G is a white goat who lived with his friends for 10 years. His best friend is a donkey called Jellybean.


Unfortunately the animals had to be re-homed because their owner wasn’t taking care of them. Mr G went to Animal Place, but Jellybean went to another sanctuary as there wasn’t enough space for them both.

 Mr G's health soon began to decline. He stopped eating and stayed in the corner of his stall, lying down. He looked sad and depressed; he was in fact heartbroken without Jellybean.

 After 6 days of this something had to be done. Animal Place realized that Mr G would completely fade away without his best friend. Thanks to a volunteer, who drove 14 hours, the two were reunited.

The Reunion

Take a look at the video below to see Mr G’s reaction when he realizes Jellybean is there!

Source: Gentside

Photo: Her

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