Thanks to two Bengal cats in the window, a hair salon in Montreal has caught the eye of passers-by who are now new customers! Is “Catvertising” the new marketing tool to use?

The two owners of the salon, Haute Coiffure, brought their cats to work with them because they didn’t want to leave them at home alone all day. They never imagined that their pet cats would increase their number of customers!

They soon realised that people who walked by stopped to watch their cats through the window, they became the new ‘magnets’ for customers. The owners however are not surprised at their popularity as they say that cats are cute! Thanks to many journalists reporting this story, their salon has become even more popular!

This marketing tool isn’t that new; “Catvertising” has become very famous in the last few years with the rise of cats on the internet! 

Source: Radio- Canada

Photo: Side Radio- Canada/Christian

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