Police in Morlanwelz, Belgium, had to step in and force a woman to give up 16 of her pets. Her living conditions were not adapted to house so many animals and she couldn’t afford to take care of all of them.

The House Situation

The Belgian woman lived in a relatively small house with 10 cats, 12 dogs and 3 puppies before police arrived. Unfortunately she couldn’t take care of all the animals and her living conditions were unsanitary. The 25 pets almost never left the house!

Removal Of The Animals

The police chose to give the 10 cats and 6 of the dogs to the “Animaux en Peril” which means Animals in Danger. The woman still lives with 9 of her pets; 6 dogs and the 3 puppies. Animaux en Peril is taking care of the 16 animals. They are being treated for worms and malnutrition and one has been reserved for adoption already.

The decision to take the animals from the woman was made to protect the pets, and also the woman who had been living in poor hygiene conditions.

Photo Credit: Animaux en Peril

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