Here in the Yummypets community, there is nothing more we like to goggle over than a newly born puppy or kitten. They're the perfect balance between furry companion and baby cuteness. But photographer and dog lover Jane Klonsky has decided to take her book in a different direction...

Her book, named 'Unconditional: Older dogs, deeper love' documents the relationship that people have with senior dogs. Why? Because older dogs have spent their lifetimes in humans' company. They have learned, they have experienced and they've lived a life by the sides of their human pet parents. They therefore have all their wisdom and insight to share with us.

“Whether the bonds are formed after a decade together or in a brand new adopted relationship, it seems that our connection to older dogs just offers something special,” says Klonsky.

You can buy Jane's book by clicking on the following link:

To give you a taster, here are a few snapshots from the making of the book!

OldDogs1 OldDogs2 OldDogs3 OldDogs4

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