It was quite late on a Monday afternoon, in France. A woman took her dog walking near a river and next thing she sees him falling into the river. While trying to save her dog, the woman fell into the icy water as well.

Luckily there were other people around who saw what happened. They immediately alerted the firefighters who soon came to the rescue of the woman. A firefighter and a police officer jumped into the water to help the woman and to save her from drowning.

Unfortunately the rope they used to try and pull her out snapped under the force of the stream of the water. At this stage a second police officer came to help and they were finally able to rescue the woman, who is in her forties.

Luckily people were able to rescue the dog as well and no one was harmed! This story ended well thanks to the people who reacted immediately and the firefighters and police who bravely tried to save her.

Source and Photo Credit: La nouvelle republique

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