This story with a happy ending took place in Germany, where a cat that had been lost for twelve years has finally made his way home!

In 2002, Arion the cat was reported missing by his owner who was a student at the time. During the next twelve years nobody had any news of Arion.

The Abendzeitung sanctuary in Munich confirmed that they received Arion in April 2014. His previous owner was able to identify him and got his pet back after being separated for twelve years.

The former student who had previously reported the disappearance of the cat is now a vet working in the North Rhine in Minden. He was incredibly happy when he received the news that he would be reunited with his former pet.

He announced on his Facebook page that this is “a happy ending that moves us all to tears!” Don’t we all love these heart-warming stories?


Photo: Thinkstock

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