Last week we interviewed sweet Daisy, today lets talk about her 5 year old sister, Misty the black cat, who loves to sleep, and hates to be bothered by her sister!

When, where, how have you met your pet? 

I met my pet Mitsy in 2007 when we found her on the internet. We then went to where she was living and we also saw Daisy (her sister) we then decided to get them.

Where does her name come from?

For the name we had a bit of trouble into thinking up her name but after a lot of thinking, we thought Mitsy would be the best.


 Tell us about a typical day with her?

A typical day with Misty is sleeping and campaigning for food, if you where with her all day it would be boring but comforting!

What’s her silliest trait? 

Her silliest trait was when she was a small kitten and she then climbed all the way up the top of the curtain rail! She then sat at the top wondering when she was going to get down! Our best moment was when she first came to our house and she ran straight up to my room, it was funny!

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