Everyone who experienced Hurricane Irma has their own story. With winds of up to 295km/h, the category five Atlantic storm affected approximately 1.2 million people (source: BBC).

But what about the animals caught in the chaos? Animal shelters do their best to provide help but, in times of crisis, they can't do the impossible. Baby animals such as puppies and kittens are particularly vunerable to the elements.


When these Florida residents stumbled upon little kittens in need, they truely rose to the occasion. Here are some of the people who saved kittens from Irma.

The Florida residents who saved little lives

Megan and Darby Parker

On Friday 8th September, Megan and her husband Darby found themselves at a loose end. With their hurricane preparations complete, they decided to walk around the neighbourhood.

Passing by a dumpster, they heard a strange noise and peered in to find a blue plastic bucket filled with five adorable, but flee-ridden kittens.


Unable to bear the thought of what could become of the litter during the storm, they scooped up the kittens and welcomed them into their home.

Caring for a young, abandoned pet is a major commitment. The two Jacksonville residents spent the next four hours washing the kittens and methodically removing the flees. They were able to find a petshop for supplies, and most of the kittens seemed to be thriving at first.


However, after a while it was clear the smallest wasn't eating properly, a very worrying sign. Megan rushed to the vet as soon as she could.

There, the little kitten received fluids, and thanks to the couple's quick thinking, all the kittens are doing now great.

We have 5 bundles of joy in our guest bathroom...[and] we plan to foster them till they are ready for adoption,” Megan told Yummypets. “We have given them temporary names of, bear, socks, runt, tigger, and short-stuff.”


Brian and Melissa Kipp

When Brian and Melissa’s daughter, Abby, heard crying from outside her bedroom window, they never expected to become the new caregivers of a tiny kitten.

It was the day after Irma and the family were at home in their Florida residence. Unsure where the noise was coming from, they began to search the area.

It was Abby who found the tiny kitten, cowering behind a garage door being stored in the garden. Small and vunderable, the family knew they couldn't leave the baby animal on her own.


It would seem the incredible little kitten had managed to survive the storm, but desperately needed warmth and food.

“We waited about an hour to see if a mother cat was coming to move her and then brought her inside.” Brian told Yummypets.

Having never cared for a kitten before, the couple sought the advice of an emergency vet who instructed them on how to care for the tiny animal, but it hasn’t been easy so far.

“[She] seems to be doing great now, although it's like having a real baby all over.” Brian admitted.


With feeds every four hours and a full-house, including an Australian Shepherd, caring for the newborn is difficult, but the couple are more determined than ever to help their newest member of the family settle in.

Photo credits: Megan & Darby Parker, Melissa Kipp

Do you know anyone who has rescued an animal from a storm?

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