With the many stray animals all over the world desperately needing homes, many different efforts have been made to highlight this cause. The idea to have dog mascots at the Sao Paolo football game is genius!


When Sao Paolo played Palmeiras on Sunday they decided to do something different; they had dogs as their mascots. The teams usually choose a child to join them while walking onto the field. Instead each player emerged from the tunnel with a different dog, all up for adoption. With the crowd roaring,  this must have been really exciting for the little guys (the dogs, not the players!)

The dog’s behaviour was tested as they had to line up and sit still during the pre-match formalities. Each dog was dressed in a white football jersey, matching their team mates and looking very dapper indeed!

Adopt A Dog

Although this was a funny sight, it was done to encourage people to adopt stray dogs, a drive that is happening all over the world in many different ways. With so many people watching football matches live and on the television, the dogs got good coverage. Hopefully people will adopt instead of buy in the future.

A Good Cause

Sao Paolo managed to get a point and drew with their rivals, we are sure this is because of their canine supporters who came along to cheer them on! The spectators loved seeing the dogs, with some commenting that this was a brilliant idea. The fans loved seeing their football heroes doing something for a good cause!

 Source: ESPN FC

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