Today, let me introduce you, not to one, but to two adorable and inseparable little cats, Sadie and Sookie!

When, where, how did you meet your pets?

After contacting all the cat homes in the area and not having any luck (we could only offer an indoor home) we saw the girls on the facebook page of PAWS in Findon, West Sussex, so we contacted them and went to visit, soon we were the new parents of two fourteen week old girls.

Where does their name come from?

The name Sookie came from True Blood as my husband is a fan and I was going to call Sadie Betsy but the hubby's face said it all lol so I thought of all the names beginning with an S and came up with Sadie (which the hubby liked).

Tell us about a typical day with them?

A typical day is Sadie running into the kitchen and Sookie rolling over like a dog on the stairs as we try to get down over her (after a quick tummy stroke) once brekki and toilet is done they both love to chase each other or just charge about at high speed (we live in an Edwardian property on two floors hence alot of stair) the rest of the day invloves alot of cuddles and sleep also throwing and fetching of toy capnip mice (Sadie likes to tell you she is on her way with a mouse even when her mouth is full with the mouse), if they have both vanished there is a dog donut at the top of the stairs or a six ft scratch post with three beds on the top so they will be found there.

Whatʼs their silliest trait?

Sadie will follow your shadows on the lino at night so watch where you step and She also will get on top of the sofa and start pulling your hair and washing it, Sookie loves to clean us alot which can get too much lol and also cant keep still for long, what a fidget lol (unless asleep).

Whatʼs your best memory together ?

My best memory is seeing them sleep like ying and yang when we got them but now they are older they sleep on their own in their preffered places, sometimes near each other but not cuddled up like they used to.

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