Hey dog owners! We have good news for you! Did you know that having a dog makes you seem like a more attractive person?

While we are sure that you have plenty of great qualities that make others love being around you, here are seven qualities that dog owners have in common that make them particularly attractive! 

1. You are a responsible person

Having a dog isn't just fun and games! Providing dogs with everything that they need to live happy and fulfilling lives is a huge responsibility. Similiarly, being there for the one you love is a big responsibility as well. For this reason, being responsible is an incredibly attractive quality!  

When you have a dog, you are seen as a more responsible person because you know that it's important to take your dog out for walks, bring them to their vet appointments, and keep an eye on their health and well-being.

2. You know how to take care of others

This is also such an important quality in a relationship! When you have a dog, you are able to prove that you know what it takes to take care of someone. When you spend time with your dog, give them their daily cuddles, and keep them in good health, you are giving them the love and attention that they need to blossom.

Having a dog means that you can no longer only focus on yourself and your needs. Life is bigger than just you. You need to think about the other person and their happiness. Dog owners know how important it is to dedicate time to the ones they love. They also know that it's important to make compromises

3. You are energetic

Having a dog is good for your health! Because dogs need to exercise daily, dog owners typically exercise more than the rest of the population. In addition, as dog owners have to make sure that their dogs get enough exercise, they cannot spend their days lazing around all the time. They need to go on frequent walks with their dogs and keep their dogs stimulated to ensure that their pet gets the exercise they need.

A person going for a walk with their dog

4. You are friendly

Dog owners also have an easier time connecting with others. When they go out for walks, their dogs are curious and do not hesitate to walk towards other people. This allows their owners to engage in conversations that they might not have started without their dog.

 "Your dog is so cute! What is their name?" Conversations with dog owners typically start like this! Have you ever met other people thanks to your dog? 

In addition, if dog owners participate in dog activities such as agility or visit dog parks, they have the opportunity to meet other people who are just as passionate about their dogs!

5. You aren't afraid of commitment

Being a dog owner means that you know how to love unconditionally. You also know what it implicates! Dog owners do not have problems with commitment because they dedicate so much love and time to their four-legged friends. They also know that when they decided to adopt a pet, they committed themselves to many years with their furry friend!

6. You are a relaxed person

According to several studies, having a dog guarantees that you will be able to be in a good mood more often. Dogs help to lower cortisol, which is a hormone that is responsible for stress. They also help to promote the production of serotonin. When in a relationship, it is definitely more pleasant with someone who isn't stressed all the time. Therefore, being able to relax is a very attractive quality! 

7. You are patient

Knowing how to be patient is an undeniable quality! As you know, dogs can sometimes test our patience! From time to time, our dogs do things that are not supposed to do. In these types of situation, as a dog owner, you know that it's best not to get angry. It is definitely attractive to know how to be patient with the people you love!

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