When you're lucky, you have a huge yard and don't have to take your dog out for the "pee pee" or to the dog park for exercise. But for dog owners living in apartments it is recommended to take your dog to the park as often as possible.

So here's a great list of things to take to the dog park:

A leash: it's a must-have for a walk in the park, and will keep your dog safe from running away or getting hurt!


A toy: your dog needs to run and to play to be happy. Bring a chewing toy and a toy you can throw too: your dog will be the happiest!


Water & bowl: After all this playing and running your dog will be thirsty, so don't forget to bring some water. You can buy a travel bowl to make it more convenient for your dog to drink.


Snacks: All this running must have worked up your dog's appetite! So don't forget to take a few treats with you!


Doggie pick-up bags: Most of the time there are some at the dog park, but you never know!


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