These reptiles have always been in legends and myths, and yet we do not know much about them! Here is some information about these fascinating animals.

Their entire body is covered with scales, and they have the power to dislocate their jaws to eat large prey. When they engulf a large animal (snakes are carnivores), the acid in their stomach quickly dissolves their meal!

Did you know that below 10 ° C, the digestive process of the snake does not work? The animal will then regurgitate the contents of its stomach! This is why we often see these animals in the sun, warming up: digestion works ideally around 30 ° C.

Once a whole leopard was discovered in the stomach of a 5m long python!

Hooks in their jaws may or may not contain venom, as all snakes are not poisonous! Beware anyway, because its bite might be deadly... But even if it isn't, snakes can choke their prey or even project their venom: resourceful little creatures!

But snakes have very bad eyesight, but have other very convenient senses like their smell.

Unlike most reptiles, snakes do hibernate.

This animal has a very bad reputation, yet it never attacks without reason and if it gets near civilization it is only to chase a prey or warm up!

Most often in the mythologies , it is a symbol of fear, anxiety and even death. But it is also thanks to its moult, a symbol of eternal youth, and the dualism between mind and body. It is also present in many works of art.

There would be much to say about this little-known but fascinating animal that is becoming more and more popular!

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