You have probably already come across a stray cat that always comes to meow at your door for a bit food. You're not alone!

But in order to help a stray cat, it needs to be caught. This is a very difficult task as cats are predators and have very high levels of agility and skills of evasion. A scared cat may also attack you, which is why you should do your best not to frighten them. This is a defensive mechanism for the cats - they don't know that you are trying to help them.

If you find a stray cat, here are some tips to win their confidence.

#1 Understand their body language 

This is without doubt the most important step in gaining a stray cat's confidence. You need to be able to understand their body language in order to know how to act around them.

Not understanding a cat's body language can cause them to run away.

Recognising that a cat is stressed, knowing if they're more relaxed... recognising the signs will allow you to approach a stray cat safely. With a scared cat, timing is crucial. If you try to approach too quickly, you will not being able to catch them.

In order to understand your cat's body language you should read up on their facial language and tail language.

#2 Use food or treats

In this task, food is your friend. Use kibbles with an attractive smell for the best effect. Generally, just the smell of food will bring a cat out from their hiding place. You should try to use cat food for this as the food that we consume is usually bad for a cat's health.

At first, put the food down and move away. If you are too close, the cat won't come. Leave just a few kibbles out at a time. Start by watching the cat come from a distance. After a while, try to come a little closer until they eat from your hand. This step may take several days, but this is the best way to win a cat's confidence.

Once you have managed to give the cat some food, it is time to try to win them over. Eventually, you will be able to touch them and begin to create a link with them. Always move slowly as if you move too quickly, the cat will feel attacked.

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#3 Be patient

Patience is the key to success. A stray cat will not feel at ease interacting with humans, so it is important to stay calm and take the time that will help the cat gain confidence and also help yourself. Rushing this kind of interaction will not go well for either of you.

In this kind of scenario, all we wish for is the cat's wellbeing. You could take the cat to a shelter and give them a chance in finding a family. It is therefore necessary to proceed carefully and slowly, gaining the cat's confidence. It is not an easy thing to do but it is possible.

If you feel that you are not able to catch the cat yourself, there are many shelters that offer to help catch stray cats, usually to sterilise them and then to rerelease them. Don't hesitate to call them if you feel out of your depth.

Do you have any tips for winning a cat's confidence?

Source : Iheartcats

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