Unfortunately a young giraffe died after hitting her head on an overhead bridge, while being transported on the N1 highway in Gauteng, South Africa.

Incorrect Transportation 

According to witnesses, the two giraffes were on the back of a truck with their long necks and heads sticking out. They were blindfolded as well so they could not see the bridge.

A witness who sent in a picture of the incident said: “The front of the truck was full of people. Surely they had to see that the giraffes were against highway height restrictions. This is terrible!”


Apparently the SPCA is investigating the incident and intend on laying charges against those who are responsible. The other giraffe, who survived, has been taken to wildlife veterinary clinic.

This story of course seems familiar as it reminds us of a scene from the movie, The Hangover, where something similar takes place. It is rather scary when fiction becomes reality!

Source: News 24

Photo: Thinus Botha


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    Shara L That's horrible

    Shara L That's horrible