More than a thousand abandoned pets were picked up around Christmas last year, and with the festive season fast approaching, animal rights associations are on high alert. It’s important to remember that animals are not gifts.

A pet is for life

Giving a child a kitten may seem like a great idea, especially an only child, because we know how loveable cats are, and let’s not mention that reassuring touch and warmth offered by our feline friends.

These are all lovely, but a pet is a commitment that shouldn’t be underestimated. Some families neglect or abandon pets when they realise the costs and time commitments involved with looking after them, which is pretty awful.

According to the SPA, 1321 abandoned animals were picked up in 2012 in Maine et Loire, causing major concern, as you can imagine


It is vital that more awareness is created to inform people of how important it is to think about the implications involved with pet ownership - it’s a living creature after all, and for this reason, they require responsible owners.

Volunteers affected by the abandoned animals have created a campaign as they understand the importance of this. The question is simple: the excitement around receiving a kitten for Christmas is wonderful, but, are you ready for that responsibility?

For that reason, these volunteers have prepared a few simple tips for parents who wish to purchase pets for their little ones. The cost of pet ownership is something to consider, because a financial burden could lead to the neglect of the animal and that is the saddest possible outcome. An animal is a full time commitment.

Before you purchase a kitten 

When you are making the decision to purchase a cat, make certain that you are ready, and ask the correct questions, for instance; do you have a large enough area for the cat to play? Can they access their litter box with ease? Have you budgeted to have a kitten outside of what are your immediate family needs? If your cat becomes injured or sick, this could become very expensive.

Think about your neighbours too - would they be happy with a new kitten around? Will you have support when you are on holiday?  We’re not saying that you should not give the gift of an animal for Christmas, but we are telling you to make sure that you think about everything first.

What do you think of giving animals as a gift for Christmas?

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