These people have an extra special relationship with their dogs. When you share something as deep as a disability, there’s really nothing that can break that bond!

1. Both amputees

When his puppy’s hind leg was crushed by a speeding motorcycle, this man was absolutely devastated. When the Animal Aid Unlimited rescued the pup and discovered that his leg would have to be amputated, his owner broke down in tears. It turns out that he understood his pup’s anguish more than anyone else, as he also has an amputated leg.

2. Both lost an eye

Maria Williamson’s boyfriend saw a listing online for a rescue pup who had lost his left eye when he was attacked by another dog. He thought that this beautiful pup would be the perfect companion for his girlfriend who had lost her right eye when she was shot during a carjacking.

Maria agreed! “I immediately thought, ‘He’s so perfect! I know his struggles and I know what he is going through. We both see life through one lens.”

She renamed him Yogi, and they complement each other beautifully.

femme et chien borne

3. Both burn victims

Chloe Levenson had scalding hot tea poured on her when she was jus a little baby, and has had seven surgeries to repair the damage.

So when she met Buddy, a Chihuahua whose ears and belly had been badly burnt by chemicals, she fell in love immediately.

Chloe understands Buddy like no one else, and even pushes him around in a stroller because he doesn’t like having a leash touch him. We’re so glad these two found each other!

femme brûlée chien

4. Both in a wheelchair

Watch this video to see the incredible bond Michael, who uses a wheelchair, has with his dog Chance, who also uses one.

“The difference Chance makes in my life is the happiness and the courage to know that there isn’t anything that anybody can’t do,” says Michael.

5. Both lost a leg

Sam lost part of his leg after he flipped his TV and it landed on his leg. His three-legged Daschund, Pooh, lost his when he was hit by a car.

“It’s a weird feeling, because he looked at me and he realised I guess that we had the same situation and he immediately ran over towards me,” says Sam.

 chien amputé enfant amputé

These two truly found each other at the right time!

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