A lot of people assume that cats hate dogs. However, this is not always the case. In fact, lots of cats love their canine buddies!

Sometimes dogs and cats struggle to get along. It can be worrying when you wish to bring home a little feline friend and you already have a dog. We recommend that you take a look at the different cat breeds in this article. These breeds are known for being friendly with dogs. Obviously, every cat is different and there are many other cat breeds that get along with their canine companions.

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a very social, loving and affectionate cat that gets along with dogs, cats and other animals. They are usually easy felines to have in your home and are very active and playful. They love playing with dogs as much as they love playing with their pet parents.

The American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a very intelligent, easygoing cat that lives in harmony with dogs and other pets. Although this breed is quite docile, they can also be confident and love to play around with dogs once they get to know them. They fit in well with families who have children and dogs.

The Birman

The Birman is a calm cat, but is far from being shy. Although they are easygoing by nature, these cats are known for loving to play 'fetch!' Not only do they love playing with their pet parent, you may also see them running alongside your dog.

The Bombay

The Bombay is a very active cat that loves all kinds of games. These cats are very affectionate and usually love greeting visitors. They can form strong attachments with members of the family, dogs included, although they do like being the boss.

TOP 10 des races de chats qui s'entendent bien avec les chiens :  bombay

The Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a social cat that is particularly good with children. Their affectionate and outgoing temperament makes them an ideal member of the family for those with dogs.

The Maine Coon

This Maine Coon is a gentle giant that is known for having a temperament very similar to dogs. They are sweet, friendly and tend to follow their pet parent around from room to room. They love cuddles, will probably ask to be petted and will love to play with you. This breed of cat usually gets along with everyone, including dogs and other cats.

The Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest cat is large and muscular, that very much resembles the Maine Coon breed. This is a kind, loving, and gentle cat with a strong nurturing instinct. They love their pet parents but don't always ask for attention. This breed gets along with the whole family, including dogs, after they have time to get used to them.

The Ragdoll

This breed is called the Ragdoll because of their tendency to become floppy and doll-like when you carry them, and for being one of the most docile breeds around. They are perfect cats for families with children. They are even sometimes called "puppy dogs" as they like to follow people around and play fetch. Getting along with dogs shouldn't be a problem for them.

TOP 10 des races de chats qui s'entendent bien avec les chiens : ragdoll

The Siberian

Siberians are very playful cats and love to interact with humans and other animals alike. Affectionate and curious, your Siberian and your dog will love to go on adventures together.

The Tonkinese

The Tonkinese is a very affectionate cat that will enjoy being close to their family members. They are goofy and humorous, and can be quite entertaining. Playing fetch is a lot of fun for them, and they usually love playing with dogs.

TOP 10 des races de chats qui s'entendent bien avec les chiens : tonkinois

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Does your cat get along with your dog?

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