Children and pets can build wonderful relationships that can provide important lessons for growing minds. Discover our pick of the top five cat breeds for children!

It is said that children raised with pets at home have improved social skills and tend to be more tolerant and empathetic of others. Having a pet can also increase your child's self-esteem, respect and maturity.

If you wish to adopt a cat that will integrate well into your family and be a suitable companion for your children, these cat breeds are worth taking a look at.

1. The Somali

For the Somali, playing comes as second nature! Their personality is often compared to that of a dog, more willing to learn and please than other breeds. They are also very intelligent and curious, so children should love their interactive and playful nature.

5 races de chats parfaites pour les enfants

2. The Tonkinese

Social and very affectionate, the Tonkinese is an active cat that loves to play, without being hyperactive. They will appreciate the company of a child and will probably make you laugh as the Tonkinese is a very 'chatty' breed - much like your own child we're guessing!

5 races de chats parfaites pour les enfants

3. The Norwegian

Both calm and active, the Norwegian Forest cat is perfect for families wishing to live with a sincere and authentic cat. This breed is known for being particularly affectionate, both with their pet parents as well as strangers. They are gentle and patient with children.

5 races de chats parfaites pour les enfants

4. The Egyptian Mau

Lively and athletic, the Egyptian Mau is a born hunter. However, this breed still makes an excellent companion for children as they are playful and affectionate. They are very loyal to their family, sometimes even clingy. We're guessing most children won't have a problem with that!

5. The Siamese

Blessed with a strong personality, the Siamese is active, joyful and playful. This breed loves to 'chat' to their family and is very loyal. They have a good reputation with children, although don't be surprised if they get a little impatient with a very hands-on child. One thing is for sure - your children will never be bored with a fun and dynamic Siamese in the house!

If you're wondering how to teach your children to take care of your new cat, you can read this article here to get some tips.

What are some of your favourite stories of your children playing with your cat?

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    Johanna R The only acceptable breed is ADOPTED. You buy a pet, you condemn a homeless animal to it's death.