Is your pet often left indoors while you are away and you worry that when  they are outside they aren't safe? For a cat, staying inside without any source of entertainment can quickly become boring…

Here are some ideas that will keep your cat occupied while keeping them safe.

#1 Keep your cat occupied with a cat tree

Cat trees are particularly comfortable and fun, especially if you live in an apartment. Also, the truck of a tree can vary from 1m to 3m de and contains many different layers.

With a cat tree, your cat will without doubt become the happiest cat in the world!

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#2 Keep your cat occupied with bed skirting

If you want to make your cat happy without spending lots of money, the simplest way is to install skirting around your bed..

Your cat will love sneaking under your bed to nap whilst being sheltered from prying eyes in their new hiding space.

#3 Keep your cat occupied with a scratching post

Cats are natural hunters and their hunting instincts cause them to maintain their claws by scratching surfaces. This is to keep them sharp in the case of danger.

Does your cat have the annoying tendency of ruining your beautiful new couch? You can remedy this with a scratching post. If you want to learn about what kind to get your cat, read our article telling your about all the different types.

#4 Keep your cat occupied with an exterior enclosure

If your garden isn't safe enough for your feline, or you are scared that your cat will escape, you could install an exterior enclosure.

Make sure that this is big enough to keep your cat busy outside.

#5 Keep your cat occupied with a wall mounted obstacle course

You can mount shelves, suspended bridges and hammocks to the wall...

In fact, you can allow your imagination to run wild while transforming your home into a cat paradise. If you are handy with a hammer, you will be able to put your skills to good use!


Which toy would you like to give your cat?

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