The life of a cat owner is often riddled with the quick change between a cat's independence and their sudden need to have a cuddle. You might therefore wonder, "Why is my cat following me everywhere?"

That's what we're going to try and explain.

Genetically a hunter

If we go back to the domestic cat's origins, we can see that there is some light to be shed on the matter. The cats that we know and love today aren't all that different from their hunting ancestors.  They stil hunt and are carnivores, but their behaviour today is slightly calmer.

Cats have always been hunters. Watch your cat around the house - not a day goes by that they don't track, stalk and pounce on something, even if it is just a feather, a laser dot or a smelly old sock and not an actual living mouse.

These little outbursts of energy are a good way for your cat to de-stress. It stimulates them physically and psychologically, and is a vital need. It's natural for your cat to jump on anything that moves!

Why your cat is 'hunting' you

However, around the house, the only thing that moves is you! It's for this reason that your cat jumps around you and follows you all over the place.

When you go from one room to another, and even more so when you seem in a hurry, you attract the attention of your cat! They track you, stalk you and then jump on you, never to let your leg go!

You respond to their primal need to hunt in two different ways. You give them a chance to catch something that moves, as well as giving them necessary interaction with you. Your cat knows who you are and needs you to show that you have affection for them, and they know to show (in their own way) that they love you.

In these moments, try to play with your cat and join in the fun - your cat will be overjoyed! If you don't like the fact that your cat follows you everywhere, take this as an opportunity to direct their energies to a game that still satisfies their need to hunt, such as playing with a feather or other adapted cat toy. They will eventually understand that they can hunt things around the house without needing to follow you around. There will always be moments where you don't have time to play with them, but you should always try to play with them at least once a day, for their well-being.

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