Once a cat is two months old, they should be brushed at every season change for cats with short hair, but more often for others.

Indeed, cats with mid-long hair should be brushed weekly, and those with long hair such as Persian or Norwegian cats, daily. Brushing helps to fight against knots and maintain the cat's coat. It also helps to keep your home clean, with less fur on the furniture!

Brushing your cat is necessary... But given the wide range of brushes in pet stores or department stores, which brush should you choose?

1) The brush with long and spaced barbs

This brush is used to remove a large mass of dead hair. It also helps prepare the cat's coat to the passage of comb teeth.

2) The comb brush

After untangling your cats hair thanks to the brush with long barbs, pass the comb gently, without pulling so as not to not hurt your pet.

3) The glove brush

This glove allows both stroking, massaging, and brushing the cat. The spaced pins will untangle the hair and make it shiny.

4) Smoothing brush

The brush can be used to smooth over the entire body of the cat at the end of brushing. It reorders the cat's coat and makes it shine.

This brush also helps to smooth the hair on the head of the cat without risking injury. It is also preferable if you want to brush the cat's belly.

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