You already have a dog, but you have decided to adopt another? Note that the arrival of a new pet into your home cannot be improvised. Today Yummypets gives you some tips to help you with your newcomer.


If you choose to adopt a puppy, be sure to to wait until they are 8 weeks old. Also be aware that a dog who has spent several weeks with their brothers and sisters will be more sociable. If your present dog is an elder, they might have some problems accepting an excited puppy. If you prefer to adopt an adult dog, ask about their character and behavior with their peers.

Get your dog used to their new companion before they arrive! 

As everyone knows, odors  are very important for our 4 legged friends. Give your dog a piece of fabric with the smell of their future friend on it!


The first contact:

Although some dogs easily accept new companions, some precautions must be taken.
During the first days, separate your dogs during meal time. This will prevent the new dog from feeding in the older's bowl.

If you want to cuddle the newcomer, do not do it in front of your other dog, as it might make them jealous.

If during the first contact, your dog growls or barks, do not worry because it is part of the discovery process.

Relations of domination:
If you adopt a puppy, relations with the elder should be calm because the elder will be their natural superior. However, growing up, they may question their authority.

As long as the situation is safe for both dogs, the owner should not interfere or the natural hierarchical order would be disturbed. Behavioral problems could then occur.

We hope these tips will be helpful! If you have adopted a second dog, share your experience in the comments below.

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