Today , an interview of Rex, a cute Jack Russell whose owner makes the most marvelous photos!

When, where, how, have you met Rex?

I met Rex in February 2012 when he was still with his mum and brothers. I knew he was the pup I wanted from the moment I saw him squirming about with the other tiny pups in the basket. With a patch on one eye and eye liner around the other I couldn’t wait to take him home. It must have been meant to be because he was the only puppy left in the litter! He came from a farm on the Nottinghamshire/ Yorkshire border in the UK. The same day I met his mum, Spot, and his grandma, Roxy who are both owned by the same family.

All of Rex’s family are working farm dogs doing the traditional roles of a Jack Russell Terrier. It was really important to me that I got working dogs because I really wanted my dogs to have the Jack Russell character, spirit, energy, the drive to work and their need to please, Rex has all of these things and more, and makes a better companion than I could ever have hoped for.


Where does his name come from?

Before having my dogs I had Rex rabbits for over 10 years. The Rex breed is the one with the beautiful velvety fur. The rabbits played such an important role in my life I wanted to honour them and keep them in our minds. Rex also means king, which I think Rexy definitely is (or thinks he is!) at home. He is also known as Rexy and Rexy Roodles, a name given to him by my niece and nephews.

Does he have any pet brothers/sisters?

Rex lives with his half-sister CoCo, who is a black and tan Jack Russell. They are both puppies from Spot, a broken-coated white JRT. Even though CoCo is a year younger and smaller than Rex, she is most definitely the boss!

We are in contact with 3 of Rex’s littermate brothers through Facebook, Bobby, Paddy and Buster, plus the owner of their mum and grandma. Rex, CoCo and Paddy recently won 1st place at a local dog show for “best family”. We definitely agreed with the judge!

Tell us about a typical day with him

A typical day starts with a good morning cuddle – Rexy has definitely got a lot of love to give, sometimes I will wake up with Rex’s head resting on my shoulder to say ‘good morning, are you awake yet?’

When I’m at work Rex walks with CoCo and I to my mum and dad’s house to spend the day running around their garden and house, barking at everything that goes by the house and being very spoiled by family and friends. When we return home Rex snuggles under a blanket with me on the sofa before bedtime.  My niece takes Rex and CoCo for long walks when she has time and I’m at work or am away.

Rexy loves to prove that he’s the man of the house. When he hears noises outside he will sit on the back of the sofa looking out of the window…just like he’s guarding and protecting us.

At the weekends Rex likes to go walkies with his girlfriend Meg, a Pomeranian cross Spitz and other pack friends, Freddie the Miniature Dachshund, Meg’s brother Gizmo who is a rescued Pom and a Papillon named Bella. We go to local dog shows most weekends, and Rexy always does well, bringing a few rosettes home- especially in the Lovable Rogue category! He’s even been dubbed the ‘terrorizer’!

Rex and Meg still play like puppies even though they have known each other for over a year, we like to think this is because they are so in love. If Meg stays over, they like to snuggle on the sofa together and watch TV. (Puppy love in action!)

If he doesn’t get to see Meg he likes to go on longs walks with his CoCo because he loves to sniff out, chase and run around off the lead. He has recently started to love paddling in water, instead of it being the thing that removes all of the mud before he gets in the car.

What's his silliest trait?

He likes to chew tissue and will even remove them from people’s pockets without them realising, he’s a pick-pocket…a doggy Artful Dodger. He also likes to pull the stuffing out of his soft toys and leave it for me to clean up. Sometimes when I come home it looks like it has been snowing in the house!


What's your best memory together?

I don’t have one specific special memory with Rex, any time I get to spend with him I treat as special. He is a warm hearted loving dog who is liked by all who meet him human or canine, but perhaps not feline!?! I feel blessed to have him.

We do however like to go to fun dog shows with his pack to help raise money for dogs and humans, who are less fortunate. Rex and CoCo have just over 40 rosettes between them for solo and joint categories. The whole pack get excited whenever one another win rosettes, whether it’s 1st or 6th. I find these are very special memories. He has also taken part in Race for Life for Cancer Research UK in memory of a work colleague and Professor and a few Guide Dog of the Blind sponsored walks, which has made me proud also.

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