This week, we'd like you to meet Yummypal, Jack - a beautiful and loving pirate dog... ;)

We caught up with Jack's lovely mama to hear all about this gorgeously handsome pooch!

When, where, how did you meet Jack?

I bought Jack via a breeder near Cambridge, England. It was love at first sight.

Where does his name come from?

I love the French singer Vanessa Paradis, so I tried to find a link with her. Since her son is called Jack, and Johnny Depp ( her ex-boyfriend) played Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates of the Caribbean', I thought it would be a good choice.

Tell us about a typical day with Jack?

He wakes up, gives lots of licks and wants several cuddles before he waits for his meal while I am having breakfast. Then he relaxes on the sofa while watching TV, then we go for a walk. I then go to work while he stays in the garden with his brother. The neighbour then comes to walk him for about 5-6 miles. Then when I am back home, more licks, a meal at 5pm and then a big snoring session on the sofa 'til bedtime... It's a hard life to be Jack!

What’s Jack's silliest trait?

He is very cute and such a good boy, so he never mucks up. He only wet himself once as he was thinking he was being told off... but it was his brother who was!

What’s your best memory together?

Jack loves being walked and I remember last year when it was snowing heavily. We went for a big walk in the meadows and he discovered snow for the first time. He was so cute, sniffing everywhere and not recognising any smell anymore. As he has long hair, when we went back home, he had big lumps of snow hanging out and I had to run a warm bath for him to get rid of the snow.

Well, we love the sound of Jack and now want licks ourselves!

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