Initiated by the Chinese police, a movement to protect pets has grown tremendously on Weibo, China's twitter.

Who said Chinese don't like pets? This is certainly not the few 34,000 Chinese who supported the call by the Chinese police to create an anti- cruelty law for animals and punish pet abandonment, which already exists in more than 100 countries .

Recent measures have already been taken in this direction with a legislation to ban hunting and killing of protected animals or another that prohibits to serve shark in Chinese official receptions.

This time, the police, supported by the Chinese people, wants to move to the next level by creating a law that would protect pets.

This initiative supports a survey through which 80 % of Chinese support the enactment of a law against dog cruelty that are slaughtered in the name of prevention against rabies.

And you Yummy Pals, do you support this movement for the protection of pets in China?

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Source: vegactu

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