Former Italian president, Silvio Berlusconi, has encouraged the adoption of stray cats and dogs in Italy as a part of his campaign. His initiative is very admirable as there are thousands of stray animals in Italy as well as in the rest of the world.

Home for the Animals

He has asked the 10 million Italians who already have a dog or cat to support him in this struggle and therefore save the € 260 million per year that goes to shelters. There will be no need for these shelters if these animals have good homes.

We hope that this initiative is not just an announcement to gain attention, but rather a successful campaign. It is a very good idea and will have a very positive effect on the country!

Dude the Maltese Terrier

Mr. Berlusconi has already created a Facebook page with ‘Dudu” the Maltese terrier, to advertise his political party and further communicate his cause. Dudu wears a “Forza Silvio” badge, which means Go Silvio, a name that echoes his political party.

Dudu came home with Berlusconi’s girlfriend, Francesca Pascale, and it took some time for him to warm up to the dog. Berlusconi describes Dudu as great fun and he has now become one of the most famous pets in Italy!

The Italian association that protects animals and the environment has invited Mr. Berlusconi to serve his community service time in their offices, so that he can see just how much work goes into helping our furry friends.

Do you think this is a good initiative and that Silvio Berlusconi is sincere in his approach?

Source : RTL

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