This loyal Dalmatian-cross found himself in the company of Florida firefighters and became their most loyal colleague... for a brief amount of time!

Last Tuesday a beautiful Dalmatian found himself at Florida's firefighting headquarters and decided he'd integrate himself straight into the team!

An unlikely discovery

As one of the firetrucks was reversing into the station, the dog ran straight towards the firefighters.

The dog, named Chico, stayed at the station though the firefighters knew he wasn't abandoned but couldn't find the owners anywhere nearby.

"There's nothing more American than a Dalmatian in a firefighting station!" explained Hillsborough's County Fire Rescue Officer Corey Dierdorff.

"He was a bit dirty when we found him, but he wasn't starving," he said.

A loving team

Chico quickly became very attached to the team and the team to him.

When the firefighters didn't have to respond to calls, they would play with Chico and teach him tricks. They bought dog food and treats and treated Chico just like a fellow member of the team. They even made him a bed with lots of cushions!

chien pompier

Reuniting Chico and his family

Meanwhile, the firefighters also knew they couldn't keep Chico knowing that he had a family who probably missed him terribly.

With some very specific fur markings that would be easily recognisable, the firefighters decided to create a video to be shared on Facebook in the search for Chico's true family.

There response was almost immediate - Chico's family called the very same day!

While the firefighters were sad to lose the wonderful dog they had become very attached to, they also understood and were thrilled to see Chico reunited with his family.

"The fact that this dog got lost and came to us has been an experience for all the team!" said Dierdorff.

And we hope the firefighters at the Florida station decide to adopt a pooch of their own!

Source: Inside Edition

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