Gunner, the lovable Labrador, lives with a veteran and helps him with everyday life.

Brian K Pearce, a former soldier who fought in Iraq, finally woke up from his coma after two months. On a physical level he has suffered memory loss and reduced vision. On a psychological level Brian has nightmares and post-war trauma and life is a struggle for him.

Gunner, a guide dog, came into Brian’s life at this point and helped him to gather the strength to start a normal life again. Gunner does not only support Brian, but has become a true friend to him. He has gradually helped him to let go of the trauma he has suffered in Iraq.

This story of an animal helping a person is not an isolated case. The founder of the Association of Guide Dogs, reports that many people adopt guide dogs to help them with their everyday lives and many have animals to cheer them up!

Source and Photo Credit: letribunaldunet

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