Animals love getting in our photos, especially when we don’t ask them to! Here are 14 dogs who have photobombed their way into their owners photos for our pleasure!

#1 Head tilt selfie

#2 Well done for going on a run!

#3 Oi! Why are you having family photo without me?

#4 This will ruin her yoga shot hehe

#5 Surely it can’t only be for santa...

#6 Stop with the stories already

#7 Um, are you going to drink that smoothie?

#8 Are your nails dry yet? Can we go on a walk? How about now?

#9 …Maybe he’ll accidentally drop it on the floor

#10 Look I have a cute baby face too!

#11 Mummy, when will my new friend get here?

#12 Who on earth are these two newbies??

#13 These wedding photos are missing something...


Merci de nous avoir fait sourire les amis !

Source : iheartdogs

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