Kayla, the beautiful and very photogenic dog, gets a second chance in life after suffering abuse at the hands of previous owners. She is now up for adoption!

Kayla’s Rescue

Rescue organisation, Hope For Paws, rescued the puppy from the most terrible attack on an animal they had ever seen. The poor dog had been abused - her right eye and left front paw had been removed in a very cruel way and she was suffering from a deadly tick disease.

Her Beautiful Personality

Kayla was taken into surgery and she pulled through, showing just how strong she is! After everything she had been through, the amazing puppy managed to show love to the people around her. She wagged her tail and licked the vet’s fingers as they examined her.


The Photogenic Dog

The founder of Hope For Paws, Eldad Hagar, uploaded a series of professional photos of Kayla to Flickr. The beautiful dog is very photogenic and the pictures are adorable to look at. They will hopefully increase Kayla’s chances of being adopted into a permanent home.

Kayla is currently staying with a foster mom, Lisa Ashe. If you would like to adopt her, contact Lisa on hope_ranch@earthlink.net .

We will have our fingers crossed that Kayla gets her second chance in life and lives happily ever after!

Source: One Green Planet

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