Today, Yummypets would like to introduce you to Ellie, a fantastic new Yummypets member. She has already made Best in Show several times, she is lovely to talk to, and she already has more than 400 yummies! In this interview, Ellie shares a few fun facts about herself.

To begin with, Ellie is a lovable and active Yummypets member. Her photos can bring a smile to anyone's face! So far, this photogenic pup has posted 8 gorgeous photos on her Yummypets profile! You can follow her and give her tons of yummies by visiting this link. We are absolutely honored to have Ellie on Yummypets.

When, where, and how did you meet Ellie?

I had been searching for a new dog, after my previous one had passed away suddenly, due to cancer. While browsing on Petfinder one day, I saw her listed under the name Kare (pronounced care). From the second I saw her picture, I knew she was mine. The next day I called to find out more about her. The person on the phone said that she had been abandoned down South, and was found living in a mechanics shop, along with the rest of her litter, and her Dad, Henry. She also said that she, along with her mother, had been struck by a car, but thankfully, Ellie only endured a minor injury to her paw, and would fully recover (her mother, however, was not as lucky, and was killed by the car.) The lady on the phone also emphasized the fact that Ellie had a very strong bond with her Dad. Therefore, I decided to adopt both Ellie and her Dad, Henry.

Ellie is with some snow on her nose

Where does her name come from?

Her name comes from the main character in the video game, The Last of Us. Fun fact though, her name was not always Ellie. When I first got her, I named her Chloe, after the main character in the video game, Uncharted (do you see a theme here?). But upon witnessing her true personality, I felt that it didn't quite fit her. Therefore, I decided to change it to Ellie.

Do you have any pet photography tips for our fellow Yummypals?

If you're taking photos outside, try to avoid direct sunlight, as it creates harsh shadows in your photos. Your best bet is to take your photos at sunrise or sunset, with your pets back to the sun. Alternatively, shoot your photos in the shade, or on cloudy days. You also want your camera lens to be at the eye level of your pet. This creates a more intimate photo, as it lets us experience the world, from our pet's point of view. It's also important that you keep the camera in focus on your pet's eyes, as they show their emotion, and character. All you have to do is just tap on your pet's eyes, before taking your photo!

Ellie posing in the snow

Does Ellie know any tricks?

Ellie currently knows the commands; sit, stay, leave it, come, down, look at me, touch, spin, drop it, wave, and shake. I'm also currently in the process of teaching her; paws up, shy, hold, speak, heel, and play dead.

What is Ellie's personality like?

Ellie is the sweetest dog I've ever owned. Always happy, super affectionate, lovable, and eager to please. She is also incredibly curious—investigates anything new, and enjoys watching me do things. Ellie is also a bit clumsy, funny, and overall kind of a goofball. She loves going on walks around the neighborhood, and playing fetch with a ball. She is, however, a bit of a reactive dog, due to her prior life. For instance, she is a bit wary of strangers, and will usually bark at them. That being said, once she gets to know you, and realizes that you're not a threat, she'll warm right up to you!

What is your favorite thing about Yummypets?

My favorite thing about Yummypets would have to be the community. I love the fact that everyone is so friendly and helpful. Moreover, everyone loves animals as much as I do, it's such a great place! I love all of the friends I've made so far, and can't wait to make new ones!

Whatʼs your best memory with Ellie?

I will always remember our first night together. She buried herself in my arms when we finally settled in for the night. As if to say “oh my god thank you so much for rescuing me”. Let's just say, that It was one of the happiest moments of my life, and I think hers too.

Ellie with a ball in her mouth

Have you got any funny stories to tell us?

I woke up in bed one morning to violent shaking. I was so disoriented having just woken up, I didn't know what in the world was going on. I then look down to the floor, and to my surprise, there's Ellie! She had my bedspread in her mouth and was violently tugging on it, she was trying to get me out of bed to play!

Any other social media handles?

You can find more photos of Ellie on Instagram and Yummypets.

Image credit: elliethedoodledog

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