When two orphan ginger cats were found in her friend’s garden, Anya Yukhtina decided to take them in. The first few weeks were a bit tough, but these kitties pulled through and are now living under a loving roof!

Rough start

Anya, a producer and event manager from Moscow, Russia, adopted these ginger kitties when they were 10 weeks old. Within the first three weeks of living with her, they got sick with ringworms. But Anya took action by washing them every two days and giving them medicine shots to cure them. Now, eight months later, they are happy and healthy!

 chatons roux panier

Inseparable brothers

Named Skinny and Fatty, these brothers are inseparable. "They are always together! They sleep and eat together. And when they try to steal something from the table they also do it together. They are the best of friends!" says Anya.

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These kitties are proof that blood is thicker than water. And just how much more adorable could they really get!

Photo credits: Anja Grapes

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