Think you know everything about cats? Here's your chance to prove it with our quick cat quiz. Either that, or you'll learn something new!

We've created the ultimate quick cat quiz, complete with random facts to blow your cat-loving minds! Quiz your fellow feline-fanatic friends and find out how much they really know.

Test your knowledge with our quick quiz here.

1. How much money was owned by the wealthiest cat in the world?

a. £7 million

b. £100,000

c. £450


Answer: a

According to the Guinness World Records, Blackie inherited £7 million when his antique dealer owner died. He was the last of 15 cats living in his owner's mansion. In reality, the money was split between cat charities.

2. In ancient Egypt, what did people do as a sign of mourning when their cat died?

a. Took off their shoes

b. Painted their houses

c. Shaved off their eyebrows


Answer: c

The ancient Egyptians would shave off their eyebrows as a sign of mourning. Reports of how long this lasted vary, with some saying mourning lasted until they grew back, and others stating that the mourning period lasted two months.

3. The oldest cat video on YouTube was filmed in:

a. 1990

b. 1921

c. 1894


Answer: c

The video was one of the first to be produced by Thomas Edison's movie studio, and features two cats boxing.

4. If a cat doesn't cover their faeces, it means:

a. They are comfortable enough around you to feel like they don't need to

b. They are displaying a sign of aggression towards those around them

c. It doesn't mean anything, they probably just forgot


Cats who don't cover their poop may be trying to show someone or another cat that they own the territory. There are other reasons this happens though, including issues with kitty litter.

5. How high can a cat jump:

a. 5 times their own height

b. 3 times their own height

c. 1.5 times their own height


Cats are thought to be able to jump five times their own height! This is why it's so important to keep potentially dangerous things locked away! They could easily jump onto a shelf and help themselves to things they shouldn't.

What was your score? Tell us in the comments!

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