Have you ever wondered how hamsters can squeeze so much into their cute little cheeks? The BBC has all the answers - in X-ray format!

In 2015, the BBC began airing a series of short animal clips on BBC Two titled Pets - Wild at Heart. As part of the series, many fascinating elements about our pet friends were showcased alongside captivating footage and narration to give viewers an insight into the adorable worlds of our (usually) fur-coated friends.

One of those episodes included a look at the very cute, rounded-cheeks of hamsters.

Inside a hamster's cheeks

For the episode, cleverly located cameras, including a small X-ray machine, were set up to capture a hamster about to devour his freshly served dinner - a small dish of nuts and dried vegetables. And there lies an interesting fact about hamsters - devouring the food usually comes after it is collected and taken safely back to the bedding or nesting area.

So how do hamsters hold and carry the abundance of nuts, seeds and other foods they come across whilst foraging (or tucking into their dinner plate)? Their cheeks of course!

While we've all wondered just how big these cheeks really are, the BBC has offered us an incredible and up-close view to explain it all. Thanks to X-ray footage, we can see just how far these pouches extend - and they go right down to the hips!

Check out the video below to see it for yourself. You might even recognise the voice of former Doctor Who star, David Tennant!

Gives new meaning to the saying that food goes straight to the hips!

To see more of the short clips in the Pets - Wild at Heart series, click here.

Video credit: BBC UK

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