A robbery is stressful and frightening at the best of times, but when one little girl woke up to find her new puppy, Sasha, had been stolen, she was truly devastated. Luckily for her, it would seem the thieves had a change of heart.

A national appeal

Maia, aged 4, was distraught upon learning that the family’s new labrador puppy had been stolen in a robbery along with expensive items such as jewellery, an iPads and a laptop. The family live in Victoria, Australia.

In an attempt to find Sasha, only eight weeks old, the family made an appeal that made the national news. According to the owners, Sasha has a medical condition that means she needs extra care and attention.

A noise in the garden

Not long after the robbery made headlines, the family were astonished to find that the thieves has changed there minds. Maia’s mother went to make herself a coffee last Thursday morning, and saw a strange figure near the kennel.

Upon investigating, she discovered Sasha alone in the back garden. It appears the labrador was dropped over the back fence.

Speculation is rife as to why the little dog was returned, but whether its was due to a fear after the media attention, or a true conscience, Maia is thrilled to see her best friend return!

Title image source: Victoria Police

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