Are you in the middle of cuddling or playing with your cat when your cat suddenly bites your hand? Are you wondering why there is a sudden change in your cat's behavior and wondering what message your cat is trying to send you? In this article, we will explain why cats bite people.

Situations where a cat might bite

There are several situations that can trigger this sudden burst of aggression. It is important to know how to spot them.

To begin with, kittens who have not been properly weaned may show this type of behavior because they will not have learned that it is not good to bite or how to manage their jaw strength.

Additionally, if you regularly play with your kitten or cat with your fingers, they have start to treat your hand like prey or a toy.

If you are away from home regularly, especially because of work, your cat may be become bored. Later, when you return, your cat needs to let off steam and this can be done by chasing your legs or chewing on your hands.

There are also parts of their body where they don't like to be touched at all. For example, some cats do not appreciate being touched on the belly. If your cat rolls onto their back when cuddling with you, it's not necessarily an invitation for you to pet them on the belly. Rather, it's a sign of their well-being and their full trust in you. While it may be tempting to touch their belly, it's best to avoid it if you don't want to get bitten on your hands and arms.

Keep in mind that nipping is usually a warning. However, some nibbles can also be a sign of affection, especially during cuddling. If your cat brings their nose close to your nose and nibbles very lightly while purring, this probably means that your cat is having a great time with you.

What should I do if my cat bites me?

If your kitten is suffering from a behavioral disorder, it's important to start by consulting your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will be able to determine if your little one is reacting this way because of physical pain or a psychological problem.

If you think that your cat looks bored,try giving them different types of toys so that they can let off steam when you're not around. In addition, remember to play with them regularly with a toys such as a wand toys and little stuffed animals. Avoid using your hand as a toy for them to treat as their prey.

Lastly, if your cat bites you, make sure to tell them "no" in a firm tone so that your cat understands that this behavior is unacceptable and they are hurting you. For example, if you were playing together, stop as soon as your cat bites you.

Most importantly, examine your cat's body language and try to stop what you are doing before your cat has the urge to nip at you. For instance, if you see that your cat's ears are pointed back and they are slapping their tail on the ground, it may be best to leave your cat alone.

Has your cat ever bitten you?

Originally written by Agathe Warlop (Yummypets) and translated by Jennifer Eubank (Yummypets).

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