Cats are known for their unpredictable behaviour and many people are surprised by their changeable moods.

The majority of pet parents know that a cat doesn't change mood without warning, but the uninitiated can be surprised when their cat seems to change behaviour in an instand. If you are wondering why your cat is grouchy, you can find comfort in the fact that their crankiness will pass too.

Change in habits


Cats are very sensitive to their environment and their routine. They are very set in their ways and a change in this can cause a lot of stress for your cat. Something that might seem simple to you, such as changing the place of their litter box, for example, can really distress your kitty. Big changes such as a new housemate, moving house or a new pet will very likely be a source of stress for your pet, affecting their personality.


Pourquoi mon chat est-il si grincheux

Just like you and I, cats who feel ill are more likely to have changes in their mood than a cat in perfect health. If your cat's mood changes quickly more often than usual, consider taking them to the vet. Random changes in mood can often be caused by an illness and the best way to ensure that your cat is alright is to have an expert take a look at them.


Pourquoi mon chat est-il si grincheux

Many of us have wondered why sometimes our kittycats seem to love cuddles one moment and then up sticks and go the next. This is because cats have a different level of sensibility on different parts of their bodies. Though they like a good scratching behind the ears, they may only like soft caresses on their tummies.

Every cat is different and if your pet seems to change their mind like a girl changes clothes when cuddling, perhaps you might have rubbed them up the wrong way, literally.

In conclusion

Cats are very sensitive animals. We need to recognise this and be grateful that they want to live in our world. They are often grouchy and confused, but if we pay attention, we can find the source of their stress.

Because cats can't speak our language, it's up to us to try and understand what they are saying in their own body language. If we listen to what they say, we can see that our cats aren't cranky, but just trying to tell us how they feel.

source : iheartcats

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