A study that was conducted by the Department of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Tokyo and published in a magazine called Animal Cognition revealed that cats can recognize the voice of their owners.

Experienced researchers have analyzed the reactions of twenty domestic cats, first, when their owners called them, then when strangers called them. The results were clear: only the voice of their owners drew the attention of these felines. But even if the cat seemed to recognize their owners voice, there was no other reaction, and cats did not move towards them. Amazing isn't it? Not really.

Unlike the dog who has been domesticated for thousands of years, cats have never learned to obey. 9000 years ago, during the development of agriculture, cats hunted rodents attracted by grain stocks. They were fed well and lived in perfect independence, even forgetting the presence of farmers living nearby. This common past between cats and humans could be an explanation of cats' behavior.

Studies are conducted regularly for further study. We need to be patient before learning all about our feline friends' behavior.

Source: Independent

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    Ainsley Y Well we know dor sure they try and talk to us