There were three in the bed and the little one said... In 2014 Europeans had less sex than in 2013. The reason? Having a pet in the bed!

Research indicates less sex with pets in the bed

A 2014 British survey found that couples who slept with a pet in the bed experienced less sexual intimacy with their partner.

When having a pet in the bed reduces sexual intimacy

The survey highlighted three key reasons for couples' reduced sexual drive. Not surprisingly, these include having a pet in the bed.

  1. 37% cited financial stress as a means of reduced intimacy;
  2. 34% said the pressure of work impacted their sex drive; and
  3. 31% said the presence of the family pet sleeping in the marital bed contributed to a decline in sexual intimacy.

The results highlighted something pretty clear - that it's not advisable to let your pet sleep in the bed if you're looking to increase sexual intimacy in your relationship.

But remember - it is you who must decide whether your pet can sleep in your bed or not, not your fur friend!

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Source: BBC News

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