You own a dog? You're outdoorsy? Well, here are 5 fun activities that you can do with your dog!

Physical activity is good for you, and for your dog as well.

Sport naturally relieves stress and keeps your body in good shape. When you do physical activity, you are keeping your muscles in shape,  your cardiovascular system healthy, and improving respiration. It's exactly the same for dogs. To live long and in good health, you and your dog should exercise on a regular basis.

Here are 5 sporting activities that you can do with your dog, to exercise and also strengthen your bond.


You can hike with your dog attached to your belt. You will need a special belt and a special leash to protect both of you from injury. Your hands will be free and your dog will exert themselves more since they're pulling you forward.

le canivtt


Canicross is a more sporty hike. Basically you have the same belt and leash but you are running instead of walking. Be ready to run because your dog may be very energetic!


If you cannot run that much but your dog needs to, you can choose canibike. You tie the leash to the bike and have your dog run while you ride your bike.

Cani-scooter, Cani-skateboard...

Once you understand how canibike works, you can adapt it! Cani-scooter is great in the city. Skateboards may be a little more complicated but if you are a good skate boarder, give it a shot! (Maybe your "boarder" Collie will love it!)

Les chiens de traineau

Dog sled :

To finish, if you know a musher you can hitch up your dog or dogs to a sled and slide!

Photo credit : Baptiste Lauer - Thinkstock

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