Last week, Leo told you about the "purr-therapy." This week lets focuses on a different kind of therapy - equitherapy!

Like the cat, the horse is a great therapist! In fact they are a gentle animal, emotional, warm, non-judgmental, able to have a dialogue. In addition, they are socially rewarding, and able to wear or carry.

Many people practicing riding will tell you that the relationship between horse and human is unique. Therefore, equitherapy was born primarily to help young people with autism to evolve, since like them, horses do not speak, but establish sensory communication between them, which creates a strong bond and thus leads openness to the world, more confidence and these children are more open to happiness.

Therapy with horses was born in France in the 1980s by the therapist Renee Lubresac of which, she said "the horse is a fabulous tool to people with physical disabilities such as mental."

Equitherapy allows psychic development: speech, meaning, emotion, transfer, desire ... but corporeal sensations, movements, gestures ...

This practice is open to all, children, adults seeking care, and suffering from physical or mental disorders, but also for those in search of another relaxation technique.

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