A month ago, we told you about Dog Agility. This sport is not only for dogs, but also for cats!
 Kim, Gaia's owner from Yummypets explains what this sport is.

As for dogs, all cats regardless of race can practice cat agility. 
Cat Agility is an educational discipline in which the cat evolves without a leash or a harness on a course with various obstacles. In this discipline, the only speed and performance counts. This is not a game but rather training guidance. Note that a non-playful cat will have more difficulties than a cat who loves to play and jump.

To do so, the ideal is to lead the cat with a toy (feather or string) to draw its attention. The course consists of ramps, tunnels, bars, ladders, slalom poles and hoops but I advise you to teach your cat each workshop first, until it does without problem. Practice your cat to obey to your voice, when it must jump, you can say "Jump!" And if they hesitate before jumping, hearing your voice will give them confidence in front of the obstacle and jump.

You can create you own Agility obstacles" or buy everything you need in a pet store.

Never forget to congratulate your cat with treats when they succeed. At the beginning it is better to give small pieces of chicken or turkey rather than small kibble, which are often quite salty.

Thank you Kim and Gaia for sharing your work!

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