If you own a cat or even a dog, you can purchase and set up a cat flap. This flap door will allow your pet to go in and out whenever they want and need to.

Particularly in the summer, pets need to go in and out to regulate their body heat. It is really important in order to avoid heat stroke.

How to choose the flap that is best suited to your pet? How to set it up? And how to help get your pet used to this new tool? Today, we tell you everything about cat and dog flaps.

Choosing a cat flap

Your cat flap must be adapted to your pet's size. Some cat flaps are made for small cats, others to suit big dogs.

Not all cat flaps offer the same freedom to pets. Some are programmable to let your pet come in but not out, or the opposite. Ask yourself how much freedom you want to give your pet and pick an adapted flap. Most cat flaps can be locked, which is useful if you don't want to let your pet out during the night or if the weather is bad. Some cat flaps are pre-programmable to automatically lock themselves at a chosen time.

Traditional cat flaps won't be able to recognize your pet to let only them in. Any stray pet would be able to come inside your house. If you want to avoid this situation, choose a cat flap that will only let your pet in, by recognizing their microchip or a special collar medal.

How to set a cat flap up?

You can fit a cat flap on a door, either a wood, plastic or metal one, on a window or on a wall. The only exception is an armoured door.

To set up a cat flap, use the installation template to drill a hole in your door with the adapted tool. Then, fit the cat flap in and fasten it.

How to have my pet use the flap ?

Once your pet understands how to use the flap, they will love it! They just need to understand how it works.

Make them understand that it's a gate. Hold the flap open with tape, or if you can, take it off, and offer them toys or treats on the other side. Reward them when they get through. They will understand quickly that a cat flap means freedom and will love it!

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