In New York, just like many other countries, many cats call the commercial their homes...

Cat shopkeepers

They are often the pets of the shopkeepers, accompanying them in their day to day tasks, adding a touch of love and happiness!

 chat dans un commerce de new york

Some cats are so at ease in their place of work that they become known to clients and passers-by. They become a kind of mascot for the shop.

 chat dans un commerce de new york

A photographer, Andrew Marttila, unconditional lover of cats, has previously created a series of photos dedicated to cat eyes.

 chat dans un commerce de new york

Now, Marttila has joined up with Tamar Arslanian, a blogger that loves cats nearly as much as he does, in order to create a new photographic project.

A photographic project

For an entire summer, Andrew and Tamar put their heads together to immortalise these feline workers that are so important to New York commerces. The project was named "Shop Cats of New York" and unites the portraits of 40 cats who have made their homes in the shops of New York.

 chat dans un commerce de new york

This photos show a more humane representation of New York. In the city where no one sleeps, the cats have now joined in the pyjama party to make for a more friendly and open atmosphere. These cats seem like they all have great personalities, and even the most rushed New Yorker would love to stop and chill out with these cool cats.

chat dans un commerce de new york

You can find the collection of all the project's photos here on Amazon.

 chat dans un commerce de new york

We here at Yummypets loved everything about this idea - what do you think?

It would be great to do another report on cats in your city - we're sure you know of loads!

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    Molly H I think the idea of "shop cats" is wonderful 😘😘😘