For those who don’t know about Blue Cross, it is a major pet charity in the UK, dedicated to helping poorly, injured and abandoned pets.
Kevin, employee at Blue Cross, answered our questions to give us a sneak peak of everything the charity does to help our furry friends.

Hello Kevin, can you tell us a little more about Blue Cross?

Sick, injured or homeless pets have relied on us since 1897. We currently have four animal hospitals and 12 rehoming centres across the UK. In 2013 we rehomed over seven thousand pets and gave medical care for forty thousand more. We also provide education talks to schools and groups teaching people responsible pet ownership as well as providing Pet Bereavement Support Service (PBSS) to help people come to terms with the loss of their pet.

What is a typical day in Blue Cross’s office?

No two days are ever the same here in the Blue Cross digital office. At the same time as maintaining the website and developing new online products and systems to help the work our teams do in hospitals and rehoming centres, we are often busy responding to supporters via social media and keeping people up-to-date with pet advice, latest welfare news and blogs.

Do you have any pet “mascots”?

We often get guest pets from our Victoria hospital that are being treated but need the company and extra stimulation that kennels can’t give them which makes office life a lot livelier. Many of our employees do bring their pets in so it can be great fun going for meetings too.

What qualities do you need to work / volunteer at Blue Cross?

A passion for pets is a definite. We are extremely lucky to be working with such dedicated and hardworking people throughout Blue Cross many of whom have devoted their entire lives to helping pets.

What is your best memory at Blue Cross?

My first day of seeing Blue Cross in action at our rehoming centres and hospitals does stand out. Hearing about what they do is one thing but actually witnessing our teams’ skill, dedication and passion really inspires you. Our vets, nurses and rehoming teams do an amazing job.

What is the charity’s biggest accomplishment so far?

We’ve been around since 1897. We were there helping animals during two world wars and we are still here helping pets today during this period of austerity.

What are Blue Cross’ plans for the future?

We have some ambitious plans over the next few years to help more and more pets. Our vision is that every pet has a happy, healthy home.

How can our readers help you?

We are not government funded so we rely on the generosity of pet lovers to survive. Making a donation, no matter how big or small really does make a genuine difference to the lives of pets, whether it is life-saving operations, finding a new home or simply being able to provide food and shelter. There are a number of ways to donate such as our website but we have also developed a new app called Pet Parade to reach new audiences and help raise vital funds in a unique and fun way.

Pet Parade allows you take or upload a picture of your pet and digitally accessorise them with a host of fun costumes. Once you create your customised pet you can then upload them to the pet parade and get your family and friends to vote for them by donating £2. The pet that raises the most money are crowned the king or queen of Pet Parade. Whilst the app is light-hearted it has a serious message at its core. We all love our pets but some do not appreciate being dressed up in costumes, so rather than causing them the discomfort of doing it for real, with Pet Parade you can dress up pets virtually and support Blue Cross at the same time.

Photo credit : Blue Cross

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